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Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons - Dan Brown I should tell you; my enjoyment of my book was marred by the fact that I saw the movie before I read the book. Not that the movie wasn't excellent-it was absolutely fantastic and kept me chewing my fingernails with a nervousness not to be equaled. I enjoyed the experience immensly.
But. It did change the experience of reading the book into about four hours of reliving each scene of the movie in ACHING detail, which I didn't really relish. I knew every twist and turn that was going to happen (except for a certain kidnapping and almost rape/murder scene which ended in the infamous quote "Houdini did yoga," which made me laugh) about ten pages before it happened. It does put a damper on the whole "adventure" aspect.
But, if I had not seen the movie, I know the book would've been absolutely un-put-down-able.
My point? Do not see the movie before the book.
Which would you rather have-a nail-biting experience that lasts two and a half hours, or potentially several sleepless nights? I agree.