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The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown
You'd THINK that Robert Langdon would be pretty open-minded after having the Two Previous Adventures we know him so well for, and finding out that having a degree in symbology doesn't mean you know the WHOLE story.
RL's dear (and probably old) friend is in dire danger and maybe even in more than one piece.
RL is summoned to save him.
RL meets up with a national or international police force.
RL and some random smart chick escape the scary international/national police force.
RL and Random Chick start making frightening and unbelievable revelations, usually with the help of some old guy.
RL and RC get into a scrape.
RL and RC escape said scrape.
RL and RC have big-ass showdown w/ Bad Guy.
RL and RC defeat Bad Guy, with help of aforementioned Scary International/National Police Force.
A Final Revelation is made.
RL and RC share kiss or bed scene.
I enjoyed reading about the Freemasons and their rituals and symbology, but the interconnected-mind-ness new-agey thing in the last ten or so pages? Very cute and random.
I enjoyed this book-really I did! Especially from the part where the Widow's Son is mentioned ("Bones" reference, anyone?). I also enjoyed hearing about the TLV, and Library of Congress' underground inter-building conveyer belt. Co-ol!
Just don't expect to see any evolving on the part of Robert's character or any old friends from the previous books. Just think of this as [b:Angels and Demons|960|Angels & Demons (Robert Langdon, #1)|Dan Brown|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/519MEMB%2BUaL._SL75_.jpg|3338963] Reincarnated #3.