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Gender Archaeology
Marie Louise Stig Sorensen, Marie Louise Stig Srensen, Marie Louise Stig Sa Rensen
This haunted isle: The ghosts and legends of Britain's historic buildings
Peter Underwood


Ash - Malinda Lo Ash is one of those books that takes retold fairy tales and the YA genre itself by storm! Lo writes with the elegant simplicity of someone who can find limitless beauty in the simple act of walking through a forest. She also has a thorough knowledge of Celtic mythology and fairy tales, which reminded me of the novels of Juliet Marillier, another of my favorites. Ash is a thoroughly realistic young woman, brimming with shyness and awkwardness. Her transformation at the end **spoiler alert** transcends the traditional ending of the fairy tale-I found myself smiling with happiness for her.
Ash will be one of the books I will pass in the bookstore and library with a fond look, and a recommendation to anyone standing close enough.