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This haunted isle: The ghosts and legends of Britain's historic buildings
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Heart's Blood

Heart's Blood - Juliet Marillier I had to read this book in small increments, just because I wanted it to last a long time. Marillier works her well-known magic again-this book includes a breath-taking detail of Irish country life and scenery, a small touch of fantasy, and a heart-wrenching, beautiful romance. Caitrin's metamorphosis from an anxiety-ridden child into a can-do woman is a great tonic to anyone suffering from the helpless woman/fearless feminist dichotomoy so present in lit today.
The romance is subtle, slow, and delicious. It's filled with small touches and smiles that make for a beautiful story. The scene in which Caitrin and Anluan meet for the first time was so good I had to go back and read it again! Enjoy this treat slowly, and savor every minute of it!