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Jane Bites Back

Jane Bites Back - Michael Thomas Ford I was very pleasantly surprised by the fast-paced fun I had while reading this book. I was worried after my previous attempts at reading Jane Austen fan-fic **coughMrDarcyVampyrecough** but fortunately that was not the case here.
Jane is a 234 year old vampire living in a tiny town in upper New York where she runs a bookshop with her Hot Topic-esque assistant and friend and pleasantly flirts with the cute home remodeler down the street. She is also attempting to publish her latest manuscript which has been refused by publishing houses everywhere since she became a vampire.
I thoroughly enjoyed Jane's snarky attitude towards the Austen craze and the eye-rolling that ensues when she thinks of all the royalties she's missing out on. I also laughed out loud when I read a particular scene involving a body hidden under a bed during a crazed shopping spree. **Smirk** Nice, Jane. Very nice.
The only reason I wouldn't give this five stars is there were a number of scenes in which I thought Jane acted wayyy to much like an air-headed bimbo. After one has lived for 200 years, I think one would be a little more wise and polished.
Also, I didn't like how Ford headed each chapter with a supposed excerpt from Jane's manuscript. Don't be fooled like I was for about ten seconds. If Jane Austen wrote anything like that, I'm Santa Clause.
Other than that, I would recommend this to anyone who wants a fun, fluffy romp with an undead Jane Austen with a little bit of blood-lust thrown in!