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Graveminder - Melissa Marr I hate it when this happens. I really thought I'd love this book. Awesome synopsis, great previous work by the author, cover-is-too-awesome-for-words. And then I started reading it.
The beginning was good, but once I got into the very long middle I just got tired of waiting for something to happen. I got tired of the whiny heroine, tired of the boring, too-perfect hero, tired of the love triangle between the girl, the good guy, and the mysterious but oh so seductive "bad guy," (it's in True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Twilight...and it's getting old, folks) tired of the fact that the book is really about zombies but NOT REALLY, and tired of the angst. Oh, the angst. Yeah. I started counting down the pages.
I'll definitely check out anything Marr has coming out in the future, just because I'm so fond of her Wicked Lovely series.