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Once Burned

Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost How could I not give this a good review? I love Frost's writing, love Vlad/Dracula in general, and I love that the heroines of these novels always are able to hold their own against their badass enemies and boyfriends. No damsels in distress here.
Somehow I felt this was a little darker than Frost's other works, but that was fine as Vlad needed someone who could handle his dark history and personality. Be warned, the violence was pretty intense. Vlad wasn't made into a misunderstood-but-secretly-a-softie bad boy, and I appreciated that. He is still seriously messed up, and lives up to his name as Vlad Tepesh, the Impaler (and pyromaniac...).
Leila holds her own against this highly-anticipated Alpha hero. There were times I got a little annoyed with her angst and attitude, but overall she got on my good side with her slight pessimism but can-do attitude. I think she reminded me of Selene, from the Underworld series. (Which I just watched tonight, so bear with me. It's on my mind.) She's going to go into a situation, guns blazing, (or super-electric hand fizzling...whatever), hoping for the best, but not really expecting it.
The romance wasn't there so much as the steamy factor. The sex was hawt, as per usual with Frost's work. In the end, when Leila realizes that she's fallen for Vlad, I really could understand, as his warped humor, leadership qualities, and devotion to his subjects work to make him desirable, if dangerous. His protective, Alpha nature is sweet but stays away from Christian Grey/Edward Cullen-like-stalker/controlling behavior. I definitely look forward to following this couple's story in the next installment.