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Marie Louise Stig Sorensen, Marie Louise Stig Srensen, Marie Louise Stig Sa Rensen
This haunted isle: The ghosts and legends of Britain's historic buildings
Peter Underwood

Kiss an Angel

Kiss an Angel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips DNF. Basically, a girl is forced to marry this guy who manages a circus. When he brings her home, he tells her that if she doesn't do as he says, there will be bad consequences. *Ooookay. Nervous laugh* Later, he tells her that he will "kill her, throw her body in a ditch and dance on it," and finally, when she gets pregnant, he tells her that she WILL get an abortion, whether she wants to or not. And when she has an accident he realizes that he really wants the baby and he does love her, and she (eventually) forgives him. Somehow, people found this man incredibly sexy and amazing. I find him to be a ginormous asshole.