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The Dark Enquiry

The Dark Enquiry - Deanna Raybourn As this series continues to keep getting better and better, I find myself becoming, unfortunately, rather wary as I pick up each new installment, thinking "It's too good to be true. Something's just going to crash and burn and ruin it." I'm thrilled to report that this hasn't happened yet, and I can happily continue to recommend this series with all my heart.
One of my biggest concerns has been Julia's marriage to Brisbane. I've been worried that their passionate, whirlwind romance and courtship would quickly become boring or tragic as their marriage settled down after their rather exciting honeymoon (lol). I also found myself in the last few installments getting increasingly frustrated with Brisbane's reluctance to allow Julia much freedom in their investigations, or even into his own heart. Without giving too much away (which I really don't want to do because this particular development is quite enjoyable to read) let me say that, once again, I've underestimated Deanna Raybourn and I can assure you that she's got everything quite under control. The evolution of Julia's and Brisbane's romance, even after their wedding vows, is toe-curlingly sweet and spicy. I've gone ahead and fallen for Julia, Brisbane, their crazy families, friends, and pets (including a dormouse currently residing in Julia's bosom...) all over again.