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Raising Stony Mayhall

Raising Stony Mayhall - Daryl Gregory First off, I have to admit that this book wasn't quite what I had expected when I picked it up. I was picturing it being more about the difficulties of raising a zombie child, when in fact we only spend about fifty pages on Stony's youth, before we move into his adulthood and the years leading up to and surrounding the second zombie apocalypse in 2010.
I enjoyed the book, as much as I can enjoy a macabre book like this. I thought it offered a viable and impressive new take on the zombie genre. I liked Stony as a character, even though a lot of the time his thoughts and motivations are very shielded from the audience, which is doubly interesting when we find out at the end that it's been Stony narrating the story the ENTIRE TIME, in THIRD PERSON!!! Surprise, surprise!
There were a couple instances I have to mention that didn't quite fit in the flow of the story, I felt. One being the sudden shift of the narrative to a completely random person describing the break-in on the Commander's island. There were a couple instances like this that were so randomly placed that they felt jarring. I liked them, and would have preferred more of them rather than the two or three other narratives that were in the story. As it was, they felt like they came out of nowhere.
The ending was completely crazy, but I thought it fit perfectly and was a heart-breakingly lovely ending to the story.