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Once Upon a Tower

Once Upon a Tower - Eloisa James Okay so I did a stupid thing when I started this. I looked ahead.
But it's because I really don't trust Eloisa James anymore.
After my horrifying experience reading "The Ugly Duchess" (containing one of the biggest cheating asshole heroes I've ever encountered in a book) I was really reluctant to delve into this one.
And so I plunged in. And really, really regretted it.
Because on the particular page I opened to, our swarthy Highland hero was taking the hand of a random barmaid after his marriage and following her up the stairs of a tavern.
It was a dark moment.
So I had a hard time appreciating this book. When I'm reading romance, if I dislike the hero more than a little bit, we're going to have a tough going of it. Which is apt, because the couple in this book, being two of the most naive virgins in the history of everything, had a REALLY tough time of it.
I had trouble staying interested, but it got better. Except when towards the end the hero gets beat up by his parents'-in-law and servants for being a stupid, stupid dude. I was a little sad that they didn't actually kill him.
Turns out all my fussing was for naught, and the dude actually wasn't a cheating bastard. Huzzah! Commence with the happiest ending ever!

P.S. I saw that a lot of people didn't like Edie, because of her constant practicing and her seeming obsession with her cello. I can confirm that practicing for 5 hours a day is perfectly normal for a dedicated musician, so this didn't bother me so much.