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With This Kiss: Part Two

With This Kiss: Part Two - Eloisa James Everything was going fine until...he takes her virginity. In a moving carriage. Not even realizing he's doing it. Because he's in a laudanum-induced haze. :O
How is that even possible? I-just-I don't even...
I'm flabbergasted. I really am.
This is a first.
But it's okay, because he didn't "rape" her, he just "ravished" her.
On the douchebag scale of 1-5, with 5 being a Complete and Utter Asshat, I give this guy a 4. I don't care if you're super muscular and in the Navy, man. You suck.
She should've stuck with the Scottish dude.

P.S. I'm just having a streak of really shitty heroes in Eloisa James novels lately. Have they always been this way, and I'm just noticing it now? Or is it really a more recent thing?