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Britten and Brulightly

Britten and Brulightly - Hannah Berry (Spoilers Ahead!!!)
Don't let the fact that his "unconventional" partner is a tea-bag fool you: this is a very depressing story, with a tragic ending. Every page is filled with a dark color scheme, and even darker meanings. This isn't your little brother's comic book-this is a tragedy of Edgar Allen Poe caliber.
That said, this really was a masterpiece. The pictures and texts combine with each other so well-it's all just one big picture. Britten and Brulightly's characters are deeply developed, so by the final page you just wish there was a way you could reach into the story and change the way you know they will make their decisions.
Which brings me to a question-is it better to keep a secret, if you know it will make someone feel better, or is it better to just let the truth be known?
I myself don't really know-I would think the truth should be known, but that may just be me.
Quite a hard story, but a very well-written and illustrated and thought-out one.
3/4 stars