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Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty

Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty - Jody Gehrman I saw Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing when I was pretty young, and it stayed with me because it was my first experience seeing Shakespeare live. Since then I've seen dozens of modern day versions of Shakespeare, most of which have reduced me to tears of despair.

Fortunately, I didn't feel that at all for this one. Gehrman was able to give a nod to Shakespeare by borrowing the names and the plot of his play, and doing with the rest as she wanted. This turned out to be a perfect combination. Gehrman takes what I suppose she sees everyday as a college teacher in California and add plenty of humor, coffee, and awkward teen situations-hence the scene where the protagonist is running to the bathroom next door for some privacy and instead runs into the Love Interest and worries that he and everyone in the store can hear her doing her thing inside the tiny bathroom with the paper-thin door. (I know that's MAJORLY crude, but I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face and my mom came into the room wondering if I was going nuts.)

There were many situations in the book that seemed unreal, but I think that just added to the fantasy setting. All in all, 'twas a marvelous good read.