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Fragile Eternity

Fragile Eternity - Melissa Marr I really mean it-I missed these guys. Not so much Keenan and Aislinn, honestly, because I personally find them both to be whiny beeyatches...but that may be just me. I was more excited about hearing about Seth, who I've had a soft spot for from the beginning-probably because of his lip ring-but I won't go into that...
I probably was most excited about hearing about Niall, or The Brand-Spanking New and Very Brooding Dark King, and his tragic love Leslie. I was a little miffed therefore to find out that Niall spends most of his time in this story making threats and being all tragically-evil-Dark King-ly, (don't get me wrong-I luuuurve my bad guys ;) and Leslie doesn't even have a single appearance in the book. Arrrgh! I need some tragic lover's angst, here, please!
Not that there wasn't plenty of angst in the book-almost enough to have me get up and start throwing things around. HONESTLY, girls. I'm missing what's so great about Keenan-besides the fact that he's a faery king. Really, Donia. When a guy basically tells you that you're his rebound girl because his True Love is involved with a human boy-toy but hopefully he'll die soon and when that time comes you can kiss his sunny little face Good-Bye, take a time-out. Sheesh. And honestly, Aislinn, when a guy is telling you that he really likes you, but you're also a rebound girl because the girl he really wants didn't fit the criteria to become his Queen, doesn't that bring the hot-ness level down a little bit? No? Huh.
Moving on.
For those expecting high action adventure and artful psuedo-karate moves and RESOLUTIONS, pick up something else. If there's one thing FE is, it's very slow-moving. Kind of like Pirates of the Caribbean 2. But, for those of us who liked Pirates 3, this could be a very good sign. Especially since the next book is going to focus on Leslie and Niall. Good things come to those who wait.