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Fade - Lisa McMann I've only had a few reeeeeally bad crushes on fictional characters from books in my life. Edward Rochester, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, Po from Graceling, Bran from Son of the Shadows, Constantine from Sunshine...okay, I'll stop. But I haven't had a really bad crush in a while. And they usually only last for one book. Not so for Fade.
Cabel. Oh boy. Cabel Cabel Cabel Cabel. I will love you 'till I die.
I don't know if it's his quiet, his insight, his loneliness, his grief, his tragic broodiness, his caring, or what. He is totally loveable.
I think a part of what makes him, and also the book so readable might be McMann's ability to say QUANTITIES of information using the fewest words possible. She doesn't gush, or force you to listen to endless descriptions (not that I don't like my endless descriptions, but in this setting it just wouldn't work) or reiterate what's already been said. She just says it like it is. This also makes for a very short read, but that is also a good thing, because I don't think I would've had the fortitude to put this book down. It definitely grabbed my attention and held it to the last page.
Before I picked this up, I read on a few other reviews that the subject matter of the book was a little harsh, and might affect some readers a little too much. I didn't feel the need to stop reading, but I can definitely agree with those reviewers that this isn't for the faint of heart. This is about sexual predators who pose as beloved teachers. Some of the later scenes in the story involving Janie's investigations were a little difficult to read. But, I think it's admirable that McMann is able to face this issue without holding back. It sure caught my attention.
Jane and Cabel's relationship, with each other, and with their friends and family was completely believable and heartwarming. Neither of them are perfect, but they work through their difficulties together and are willing to sacrifice greatly, even in ways they could never have imagined; especially Cabel. I can't imagine how much love it would take to get through the situations he and Jamie face in this story. But then again, he is amazing...;)