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This haunted isle: The ghosts and legends of Britain's historic buildings
Peter Underwood

Dead Is the New Black

Dead Is the New Black - Marlene Perez Daisy Giordano, along with her sisters Poppy and Rose and their mother, all a family of psychics, set out to solve various mysteries in their aptly-named hometown of Nightshade, all while trying to lead normal lives. This leads to various encounters with soul-sucking vampires, werewolves, ghosts, etc, most of whom are law-abiding neighbors and friends, but some of whom just have mischief on their minds.
This makes for a fun-filled romp that is able to hold it's own in the rapidly-growing genre of dark fantasy.
While I enjoyed the first book, I think the second one was a big improvement. Dead is the New Black was pretty slow-paced and predictable, and-I know this is probably only a pet peeve, but the romance just didn't have what it takes. Maybe I'm a romantic, but I wanted a little more.
This was fixed in the next book with a lot of tension between Daisy and aforementioned love interest, as well as Daisy's sisters getting involved with a werewolf and a ghost (which I am a little peeved that there was not more of-I really enjoyed the ghost/Poppy scenes). Dead is a State of Mind was a little more straightforward and well-thought out, with a little more action and surprises than in the 1st installment.
My favorite part of the books? The intelligent jukebox. You just can't beat that.