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Something, Maybe

Something, Maybe - Elizabeth Scott This poor kid-I can't imagine the kind of psycological ramifications that must incur after having a Hugh Hefner-like father, a mom who walks around the house and surrounding neighborhoods in lingerie, and a crush on one of those too-good-to-be-true-but-doesn't-know-you-exist-and-probably-doesn't-even-care guys. I worried that this story would be too depressing to enjoy.
Happily, "Something, Maybe" turned out to be a sweet and uplifting tale about growing up and finding your voice.
I won't say there weren't times during the story when I couldn't wait for that to finally happen. Hannah took her good old time learning to speak up for herself. Now, I know that must take longer than usual for someone stuck with a father who has one of those really really annoying reality shows, but still. And her overwhelmingly starry-eyed crush on aforementioned Guy was a little gag-inducing. I nearly did a backflip when Hannah showed both the Crush and Dad what's what. THANK you!!!
Some of the story was emotionally difficult to read, especially the parts involving Hannah's dad. If you didn't already hate reality TV and Hefner, you definitely will now.
Scott mixes all these elements of beauty, humor, and seriousness to create a one-of-a-kind recipe for an amazing story that will be very much enjoyed. :)