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The Uninvited

The Uninvited - Tim Wynne-Jones For once, I really don't like this cover art. It just doesn't do the book justice. Don't ask me what should be on it instead, but-this just isn't enough. There are too many elements swirling around in this vortex of a book for the cover to be right. This novel will trick you, by creeping the suspense up on you slowly, so when a terrifying moment does finally arrive, you'll be caught off your guard. Think of a mix between Emily Bronte and Brad Meltzer.

The writing used here is simplistic, but enough to carry the reader away right into the setting, and once it did that, I struggled between wanting to know what happened next and not wanting to finish up this rollar coaster ride that had taken me by surprise. I also had a strong urge to buy a canoe and count my treasured belongings, but that may just have been me. I was surprised to see that this was considered a Young Adult, since some of the themes were a leetle mature. But again, that may just have been me.