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Marie Louise Stig Sorensen, Marie Louise Stig Srensen, Marie Louise Stig Sa Rensen
This haunted isle: The ghosts and legends of Britain's historic buildings
Peter Underwood

The Splendor Falls

The Splendor Falls - Rosemary Clement-Moore I very much enjoyed this book-the moments of ghostly terror, the slow change in Sylvie's outlook on life as she spends more and more time in her ancestral home, the dog...I know some people didn't like the dog but I thought she was an integral character and therefore, I liked her. I liked the mixing of the Old South with Welsh settlers, and standing stones, and archaeology and whatnot...lots of fun.
What I didn't like was the rushed ending! I found myself getting nervous as I realized I was two pages from the end and I still didn't know what had happened to a certain ghostly girl and her mysterious suitors! WAIIIT!
Other than that, this was a lovely book to cuddle up with and read on a lazy day, which is exactly what I did. :)