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Shadows on the Aegean

Shadows on the Aegean - Suzanne  Frank The only reasons I can think of to explain why I may not have enjoyed this book quite as much as the first was because I absolutely adore Egyptology, and I was pretty much in the dark when it came to the culture and setting of this one. (Which makes sense, I suppose, considering the setting and culture is kind of a mix of mythology and a mish-mash of two extremely different cultures...) Also, if I was in Chloe's setting about halfway thru this book, I would not have forgiven my sorry excuse of a husband quite so easily. But whatev. I can deal.
Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed Shadows on the Aegean. Frank delivers a lovely course of historical detail, romance, danger, and raw humanity. One thing that surprises me is how attached I become to these characters. I do really care what happens to them, as opposed to other series where I don't mind waiting a while to read the next book. I've got to make sure my peeps are okay!!!
I only wish at the end that Frank would've included the historical/author's note at the beginning, so I could've enjoyed the mythology/history WHILE I was reading the story as opposed to realizing just how much was packed into the 4-hundred-something pages AFTER I finished!!!