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The Child Thief

The Child Thief - Brom While this was at times VERY DISTURBING (I would not advise reading this if you are overly sensitive or prone to crying when your favorite characters die off b/c TRUST me your tear ducts will be working overtime) I was impressed with the imagination and mythology-weaving Brom did to make the story a much deeper one than the common "Peter Pan" tale.
I myself have never read Barrie's original "Peter Pan" but have seen the Disney movie and various movies and plays based off of it, so I'm kind of familiar with the landscape and storyline. Don't expect to see Tinkerbell or Captain Hook in this version, they are NOWHERE to be found. Instead there are cannibalistic pilgrims, elves, and huge overtones of Celtic mythology. The author actually mixes all of this together really well, bringing everything together so cleverly that I didn't find myself missing the Neverland of the original story too badly.
Like I said before, be prepared for intense gore and violence-this isn't something to read before heading off to sleep. It's important to remember that this is classified as "horror." Still, I found it to be so much more if you're willing to try it.