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Dracula - Bram Stoker There were a few parts of this book, like when Jonathan Harker was trapped in the castle with Dracula, when Lucy was turned, and the very end, where I was enjoying myself. The entire rest of the book was a burden to read. It was so slow it was almost unbelievable. And seriously, all of the worry over Mina's fragile state-of-mind and Van Helsing's staggered-English almost made me crazy.
I felt like there was so much more that could've been done with this story(maybe it's just a result of having seen so many Dracula spin-offs), but I found myself wondering who were the heroes and villians here. I just couldn't sympathize with Van Helsing and Co. and I would've liked to have had more one-on-one with Dracula himself instead of just seeing the fringes of him here and there. The ending just felt wrong to me-maybe it was just over too soon-but I found myself feeling like I had just witnessed a massacre, especially in regards to Dracula's wives. It kind of made me uncomfortable.
I can appreciate this book for what it did; start the vampire phenomenon, and I would recommend it to hard-core vampire fans. Just don't expect major action-you're in for a long, slow, journey.