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The Mistletoe And Sword: A Story Of Roman Britain

The Mistletoe And Sword: A Story Of Roman Britain - Anya Seton I was so excited to read this book, because I like Anya Seton and I was thrilled to learn that she had written a book set in Roman Britain, my current historical obsession. Right away, though, I did not like this hero. He was too pompous, impetuous, naive, and I think too immature for me to warm up to. I was hoping that this would change over the course of the story, and that he would mature with time, but this didn't happen enough to satisfy me. I also would've liked more time with Regan, the love-interest. I wanted to know more about her background, which was barely breezed over.
These character shortcomings were balanced, though, by the storyline. I liked the scenes involving Boudica, (though again, I would've liked to have seen more of her) the raids, the journey of Quintus to find the 2nd legion, and the final battle between Boudica and the Roman occupation. It's definitely a good book to read to familiarize yourself with Boudica's story.